Who is God?


The Induism gives clear-cut explanations about gods and goddesses with enough proves and evidences. So, many scriptures and sacred verses have been written by sages, saints, divinators and mystics who have actually seen and experienced the Gods and Goddesses. These written works give clear narration of the different forms, dresses, ornaments and tastes of different types of Gods and Goddesses. These Gods and Goddesses have been seen and experienced hereditarily by human beings. No contradiction has arisen till now between these experiences. This alone proves the validity of these divine experiences. This is never found in any other religion.

God Statue

The Induism says about different forms of Gods; such as gods in human forms; gods in human forms with multi-limbs; gods in human form with limbs of different animals, etc. These descriptions, figures and forms are not wild imaginations or fantasies of religious people. Just like cartoons, these forms explain the different powers of Gods. And all these forms have definite practical basis on true experiences. These experiences are still being had by divine aspirants. So, there is no imaginary or totemic worship in the Induism. Even a stranger can have these experiences by practising under a Guru. But the aspirant must be sincere and true; perseverence alone will yield good results.

While the Induism gives explanation about different types of gods and goddesses, other religions could not even describe the god of its primary worship. Even there is no proof of the founders of other religions having seen fully or experienced the Gods and Goddesses. In other religions, after the experience of the founder nobody following that religion had ever experienced the gods. The founder also could not describe the gods or goddesses he had seen or experienced. So, they kept their experiences secret and whole world has a wrong notion that divine experiences could not be explained. [The Brahmins criticise these religions or divinators that they had not seen fully the physical form of the Gods...]