Man - God Relationship

Only in Induism, it is said that God will come in person to help the mankind. God will come as Guru or Father or Son or Brother or Love or even as a servant. This relationship between man and God has been clearly stated in a Siddhar verse written in the first Yuga. This verse clearly explains that the God has innumerable names and uncountable forms. Yet, He cultivates a close rapport with man in eight different types of relationships.


The religious history has sufficient proves and evidences to narrate the incidents about God coming into close contact with man in eight types of relationships. The life histories of Sixty three Naayanmaars (sages and saints of Saiva cult), Twelve Aazhvaars (the sages and saints of Vaishnava cult) and other divinators and mystics of the Induism stand as proof for this concept and other related informations.

Except the Induism, no other religion accepts this philosophy of God coming into close contact with man to make eight different types of relationships. The following are the reasons: i) All other religions preach and teach that God is the Supreme Being, God is the Master as well as the Boss. ii) The Supreme Being cannot be seen by any man. iii) The man should not try to see the Supreme Being, since he should not disturb the Supreme Being. iv) Man is a slave to God and God is the Saviour. So, throughout his life man must be a sincere and obedient servant in doing service; and man must request God for his liberation. v) Man has no right to claim anything from the Supreme Being, God. vi) Man can approach God through his prayers and services. And God will give His judgements only according to the man's sins and good deeds. vii) The God is the judge and He will give punishment to man. It is God's duty. viii)The God is the boss who is always keeping a strict vigil on each and every man. So, nobody can escape from God's judgements. ix) Man must always think about the God's judgements and fear for it. That fear alone keeps the man religious and pious. x) Man must repeatedly request and beg God to bless him and pardon him. xi) Man must thank God, through sincere, soft, kind, gentle and sweet prayers for each and every fulfilment of his necessities. xii) Nobody should swear on God, because it is the greatest sin and God will never forgive this. ... ... ... and so on.

All these points belong to OTHER religions which state that it is not easy to approach God.

In the Induism the God Siva has come in person to this earth to help man sixty four times. The Goddess Shakthi and other related Goddesses used to come to this earth very often in person to help their devotees. Gods and Goddesses come to the earth and it takes place very often in Tamilnadu because THE TAMILNADU IS THE LAND OF DIVINITY.

NOTE: The divine world-merit of Tamilnadu is due to the language, the Divine and Immortal Tamil which is the Elixir of Life of the divine world. It is practically being proved even today that one who chants the mantras in the Tamil Language can have divine experiences within a short period. On account of this only, in the Tamilnadu there are quite a lot of people having Divine visions, divine powers, miracular powers, etc. This Tamil language is the administrating language and official language of the Intracosmic Universes.

All these facts and figures establish the greatness and immortality of the Induism. The aspirants of the Siddharism or Induism are having close contact with the Pathinen Siddhars and Pathinettampadi Karuppukal. This proves that the founders of the Induism and the Gods and Goddesses are cosmonauts who have come from other cosmic universes. Thus, THE TRUE RELIGION BORN ON THIS EARTH IS THE INDUISM OF THE TAMILS.