Golden Thoughts

A Few Golden Thoughts of His Holiness Siddhar Karuwooraar

  1. Temple is the Encyclopaedia of this Universe.
  2. Mysticism and Medicine are the two eyes of the man.
  3. Religion is the true history of the Human Civilization.
  4. Rituals are the roots of the morality of the human society.
  5. The Tamil is the first language of the mankind.
  6. Speaking the divine Tamil is rendering service to God.
  7. Through the Tamil Language alone the eternal bliss and happiness can be brought easily and quickly.
  8. The graceful moment which is lost, is lost for ever.
  9. Blessed is he who has found the Siddhar or Siddhar's works.
  10. He prayeth best who loveth best.
  11. He that is content is rich.
  12. Do good to others.
  13. Virtue and Vice offer themselves for your choice; this leads to happiness, that to misery.
  14. Taking proper care of the health of the body is nothing but paying proper attention to the welfare of the soul.
  15. Don't you decide yourself.
  16. He that wrongs his friends, wrongs himself more.
  17. The love of praise reigns in every heart.
  18. It is easier to preach than to practise.
  19. Wisdom is better than sword.
  20. The pen is mightier than sword.
  21. Nature is the best physician.
  22. Happy is the man that findeth wisdom.
  23. Without effort nothing can be gained.
  24. All desire wealth and some acquire it.
  25. Can you hope to count stars?
  26. The Tamils are aboriginates of this Universe.
  27. The Siddharism is the mother liquor of all other religions.
  28. The Kumari Continent (the Lost Lemuria) is the birth place of the first mankind.
  29. Tamilian Civilization is the origin of the human civilizations.
  30. The Pathinen Siddhars can alone guide and train you upto immortality.
  31. The Siddharism i.e. the Induism alone preaches and practises the divinisation of man and all flora and fauna.
  32. The Induism is the Treasure of Knowledge and Wisdom.
  33. The Induism is the garden having blossoming flowers of the earthly pleasures and fruits of the heavenly happiness.
  34. The Induism is the University of all arts and sciences.
  35. The Induism is the proper medicine for the sick and an enjoyable feast for the healthy.
  36. The Induism is a socio-political science. 37. The Induism professes equality, fraternity and independence.
  37. The Induism assures that everyone can become God through proper Guru.
  38. Of all the religions the Induism alone emphasises and establishes the thought that 'getting birth as a man is holy and sacred.
  39. Doing your duty properly is the best form of service to God.
  40. Speaking sweet and good words is the true and sincere prayer or worship.
  41. God is within you and you are within God. 43. Death and Birth are like going to sleep and then waking up.
  42. Amidst the creations of God the woman is the most beautiful and sacred one.
  43. All the divine powers can be brought to this earth only through woman.
  44. God has created woman as the Holy flower for worships ('Poojas').
  45. Most of the penances, yogas, thavas and most powerful poojas have to be done only through woman.
  46. Since the Tamil nadu which is the biggest remaining portion of the Lost Lemuria Continent is the only Divine Land, divinities and divinators, the mysteries and mystics are taking place and born hereditarily.
  47. The Tamilnadu is the Heaven of this Universe.
  48. This Tamilnadu is the land of sages and saints.

..... and so on.