Kuruvaasagam - Translation

Author: His Holiness Siddhar Kaaviri Aatrangarai Karuwooraar, the 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedam. (in Palm Leaves manuscript form)

Given by: His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam. (Written in Paper last century)

  1. Pathinensiddhars say "Man thinks the God is his boss. Such imagination is unnecessary."

  2. Man thinks that God gives curse to mankind and because of that only sinners and virtuous take birth. Such imagination is unnecessary according to Pathinensiddhars.

  3. Man thinks that creation of mankind is only for serving the orders of the God. For that sake, man spends his entire life in serving God by leading an artificial life forgetting his own pleasures and pains. Such imagination is unnecessary according to the Pathinensiddhars.

  4. Man spends his entire lifetime in order to achieve after death the God's Heavenly life instead of enjoying his present life's available enjoyments. This is very ridiculous according to the Pathinensiddhars.

  5. Are the heavenly pleasures imagined by man not available in the earthly life or are the heavenly pleasures superior to the earthly pleasures? When religious people could not clearly imagine this, their religious philosophy itself is neither useful to individual nor to the entire society according to the Pathinensiddhars.

  6. People who passed away are only regarded as Gods, Deities, Damsels, ... (in Tamil: Devar, Devathai, Kadavul, Amarar, Aandavar, Kinnarar, Kimpurudar ...) and are being worshipped by giving them different status levels. These different states depend only on the achievements, successes, failures, good deeds, bad deeds ... of the dead people. So, the offerings in their prayers and worships are decided based only on the wishes of the dead. Understanding this, one should not attempt to change the type of offerings and follow the procedures laid out by the fore-fathers forever as per the Pathinensiddhars.

  7. According to Siddha Philosophy in every worshipping place (Temple), the food offerings were based on the wishes of the specific god living in that sanctum sanctorum. But the Aryans started offering same type of foods in all the worshipping places by following blindly the Buddhists and Jains. In all the worshipping places dominated by these Aryans, only vegetarian food offerings were followed. Because of this, most of these worshipping places lost their power, brightness and strength. The kings who became slaves to the Aryans refused to understand this mistake. The King RajaRaja I himself became the tool to damage the temples of Tamil Land.

  8. The Aryans indicate that the Soul, Atman, body ... acquire sin and virtue; but they never say how, why, in what way they acquire sin and virtue. The words Sin and Virtue are just the two hands giving power to the Aryans' imaginations.

  9. On this earth, Tamils alone have the benefit of becoming Divinators acquiring the Divine atoms by speaking the Divine Tamil Language of Pathinensiddhars. Divinators will take birth only in the Tamil race hereditarily. Like rare summer rains, rarely divinators would take birth in other races on this earth as per the Pathinensiddhars.

  10. By speaking Tamil language the divine atom would get absorbed by the human body from earth and space. But in order to retain the divine atom in the body, one has to undergo fully atleast one out of the following sixteen: penances, practices, fire worships, wisdom-seeking, education, Guru's Orders, training, prayers, worships, ..., ..., living artfully, leading life following scriptures, serving in any temple, serving the Guru, serving the parents and family. Otherwise, the divine atom would get retained by the body based on one's sincere services, leading disciplined life, performing penances, putting efforts. That is why all the divinators of this earth take birth only among Tamil-speaking people.

//Out of numerous statements in the Kuruvaasagam Book in Tamil, only a few are given here in English.//

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