Language is the apple of eye for mankind

... ... The condition of our country today is very pathetic in the hands of a few ambitious, hasty, haughty, power-thirsty politicians. That too, in an unexpected situation the landscape between North Himalayas and South Kumari point became a single country by name India. This vast landscape was existing as 56 to 108 states ruled by thousands of small kings. That is why, in the twentieth century the formation of the India as a nation could not fully bring in a national feeling as Indian. This indicates that a new national feeling among people cannot be brought in so easily as forming a nation politically.

Similarly, a language spoken by people of a particular region cannot be made the language of all people in India. That is why the effort to make language Hindi as the language of all people of this Indian nation has failed miserably. Any person having feeling for his/her mother tongue and self-respect could never accept an alien language Hindi as his/her own language.

Further, the Hindi Language is a very recently formed language yet to grow as a language. It does not have the richness. So, it would destroy other languages of India. Knowing all these facts, no intelligent person would learn Hindi. Speaking this Hindi language would itself affect the phonetic nature of other languages of India. Thus, if Hindi is imposed on all people by making it the official language of India, this country would soon break into pieces. Sooner a civil war would take place between Hindi-speaking people and others giving rise to loss of lives and material. Even the country India itself may get destroyed in the course of that civil war.

This has been a historic fact in the World History. The politicians of India are not even trying to understand this fact. Because of their reluctance to accept this fact, India would suffer a great downfall. To avoid this, all the languages of India should be made the Government's Administrative language. On the other hand, if the Hindi fanatics and politicians go in their own way, India would break into a large number of small countries soon.

We envisage to see india as a Union of States of India. We don't want India to break up like that. But, the Hindi fanatics and North Indian power-mongering fanatics and fascist Politicians use this policy wrongly to confuse everyone and do all kinds of injustices to Indian people speaking other languages. Till now no politician having the boldness or straight-forwardness to oppose and correct these injustices has occupied the highest position in Indian politics. I wish that soon such powerful politicians would head the Indian subcontinents' politics. Otherwise, a great civil war would happen to divide the country into North and South like that happened in America. We have been taking systematic efforts to avoid such a civil war taking place in India.

Language is the lifeline of the people of a region or race. Language alone nourishes and protects the culture and civilization of a particular race. The people of a race who do not realize this fact act as betrayers and enslave their mother tongue to people of other languages. These traitors become the reason for the destruction of their race itself.

The entire history of a race is contained in its mother tongue. The life and growth of a race is solely in the growth of its mother tongue. That is why we never think of enslaving other languages. In fact, our revolutionary policy is the usage of all languages as Religious Language.

Yet, pathinensiddhars' language is Tamil Language; the language spoken by people in celestial planets in this universe is Tamil language; 'to control the nature by one's will', 'to realize the previous births', 'to know the coming births', 'to achieve birthless state', 'to achieve deathless state', 'to bringforth divine power in all objects', 'to solve unknown fears, desires, longings, miseries', ... our mother tongue, namely the Tamil language has been the only tool used world-wide eternally.

Yet, historically in different parts of the world many divinators used their own mother tongue to establish the divine rule. Our fore-fathers have done research in this linguistic field and established that the different languages that exist in this world were all based on the Tamil language only. Thus all the languages that are used in this world for prayers and religious purposes have come into existence from the Tamil language only. Siddhar Kaakkaiyar M.P.Pillai has written many books on this.

As the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam, I have also worked closely with Mystics, Saints, Sages, Divinators, Magicians, experts in the art of sorcery, experts in the black art, experts in witchcraft who were using different languages. That is why, I accept the idea that the fundamental phonemes of the religious languages are all from Tamil language only.

So, anyone who wants to read and understand the religious philosophies of siddhars, sacred texts of siddhars, ... should learn the Tamil language. There is no other go. I am not stating this because of any fanaticism. Today, one should learn English compulsorily to become specialists in western science, engineering, medicine, computers, programming... etc. This is a Unviersal truth. Nobody can deny this fact. Similarly, if one wants to become Religious Expert, or Specialist or Divinator, or Mystic or Sage or Saint, ... he or she should learn Tamil languge thoroughly. One should not misunderstand this.

Siddhars worked hard to uplift the human beings from animal state to civilized state. For this work they used two tools namely ‘language’ and ‘religion’. Using these two tools the Siddhars formed Individual Life, Family Life and Social Life for the human beings who were living like animals before that. By forming this three-sided fortress, the Siddhars brought about the facilities for sustained human welfare. After that only, the Political Science was developed.

The place where this Political Science got developed was the Kumari continent named by historians as the Lost Lemuria continent or Gondwana. This Kumari continent spanned from South Africa, India, Australia to South America and Antartica. The first Government of this earth got birth in the Kumari Continent, ‘The Lost Lemuria’. This is the birth place of the aboriginates of this earth. That is to say, the Tamils are the aboriginates of this earth. The Tamil language is the first language of this mankind. The Tamil civilization is the first civilization of this earth... And so, the Tamilian races and its assets are the Mother Liquor of these Universal Assets.

The Pathinensiddhars and Pathinettaampadi Karuppugal jointly formed the first kingdom of this earth on the banks of Pahruli River in the Lost Lemuria continent. This kingdom being the first one of its kind and oldest for this earth, it was called as ‘Pandaiya Kingdom’ whose meaning in Tamil is 'the Ancient Kingdom'. In the course of time, this name got transformed to ‘Pandiaya Kingdom’.

Thus the Pathinensiddhars have given to the human beings on this earth the Individual Life, the Family Life, the Social Life and the Political Life. The heirs of these Pathinensiddhars have been continuously working on this earth by doing this great philosophical service. The Siddharism is not a Religion; but it is a philosophy. This philosophy is the Mother Liquor for all Sciences, Arts and Religions of this earth. ... ...

//Translation of a portion of the essay-letter written by His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam on 29/11/1980. The original Tamil version of this is available here.//

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