History of Siddhars and IMI - Part 2

[continuation of the previous article] 9) In Kumari continent on the banks of the Pahruli River the Eighteen Siddhars implemented their Social Philosophy amongst the human beings who naturally grew up there. This Social Philosophy got matured into the Political Philosophy to form the very first government on this earth. This first government was thus founded by the Eighteen Siddhars on the banks of the river Pahruli. This government being the oldest was named later as 'Pandaiya Kingdom'. (Pandaiya in Tamil means 'Ancient'). This word 'pandaiya' was later coined as 'Pandia'. Hence the name Pandia Kingdom came to be the well-known one in Tamil's History. 10) The Siddhar Karu Ooraar ascended to the throne of this Pandiya ... Read more