Literary Works of His Holiness

Literary Works of 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedam

"Guruvasagam" is one of His masterpieces which vehemently attacks the North Aryanism and propagates the Tamilianism. It is having full of materialistic views.

He founded the "International University" at Thanjavur; Elementary schools, High schools and Colleges all over the Chola Kingdom. The curriculam or the educational system was entirely modern and the present day scholars would be in for a great astonishment if they read about His system of education. There everything was taught with an Indhu atmosphere based on the Siddha Theology and Philisophy.

He was the first man in the Later Chola Government who appreciated and welcomed the great, holy collections of the sacred Vaishnava Literature namely "Naalayira Thivya Prabantham", a collection of the divine writings of the Twelve Vaishnava Saints known as "Aalwars". He presented the brass idols of those twelve Vaishnava Saints and certain important idols of the Vaishnava Gods to the saint 'Naathamuni' who made the sacred collections.

His Holiness also insisted the King RajaRaja Chola I to take steps to collect the sacred and holy writings of the 'Naayanmaars' of the Saiva religion and it ended with great success.

All the above-said literature were the achievements of the Religious Renaissance Movements of the X Pathinen Siddhar Peedam His Holiness Siddhar Amaraavathi Aatrangarai Karuwooraar (100BCE to 150 CE).

His Holiness Siddhar Karuwooraar married the princess of Thailand as his two hundred and forty third wife. She gave birth to Karuwoor Thevar in 1002 A.D. The career of His Holiness as an ordinary family man thus attained a fulfilment.

Every walk and talk of His life, each and every deed of His life speaks His greatness, nobleness, intelligence, rationalistic attitude, sympathy, sincerity, kind-heartedness, elevated thinkings and divinity. His life motto was to safeguard the innocent, guileless, pure, harmless, simple and credulous Tamilians.

He was the one who declared that

"Renaissance of the Tamil Literature is the Renaissance of the Tamils i.e. the Tamilian Society."

And also, He declared that the upholding of the honour, prestige, rights, power, fertility and growth of the Tamils both socially and politically is nothing but fighting for the liberation of The Induism of the Pathinen Siddhars. He fought for the freedom, independence, fraternity and equality of the Tamils. All these things are well-stated in His collections of writings.