Induism Hinduism Explanations

The Indhu Renaissance Movement has been working for the last two centuries explaining with examples the differences between the Indhuism and Hinduism. It had given crores of hand-outs (Notices) to the Tamils to this effect. Yet the Tamils as well as the Indians did not understand at all that there exists a True Induism fully dominated by the Pseudo Hinduism. Still the divinators trained by His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam are working tirelessly to make people understand clearly the True Induism in theory as well as in practice. One such point is explained in this short essay. The Pathinensiddhars founded the Forty-eight (48) types of Temples on this earth. And they defined clearly in which type of temples ... Read more

Siddhar Ramayanam

(Compiled from the divine speeches of His Holiness Gnaanaachaariyaar, the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam.) Indhu Religion has been beautified and explained by the two major epics namely Raamaayanam and Mahabharatham. But the modern day literature on these two epics can be rendered useful only by the actual historical notes maintained by the heirs of the Pathinensiddhars, Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathis and the 48 types of Siddhars. The entire Indian sub-continent is learning about the Raamaayanam through the works of Thulasidasar, Bothaayanar, Vaathanaaraayanar, Kambar, Pulavar Kuzhanthai, etc. And these works were all based on the Vaalmiki Raamaayanam only. All these Raamaayanam compilations have got a style based on ... Read more

Language Policy of Indhus in India

Language Policy written while publishing the second edition of IMI Manifesto considering the situation in India as a nation. ".. .. .. His Holiness the Tenth Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi Guru Mahaa Sannidhaanam Gnaalaguru Siddhar Amaravathi Atrangarai Karuwooraar (100 BCE to 150 CE) is the first to mention in His writings about the North Aryans who were foreigners to India; He also mentioned about the Pseudo Hinduism formed by these North Aryans on the basis of their Vedic Religion. Further He also mentioned clearly about the development of a new language named as Samskrut (Samakirutha or Sanskrit); this Samskrut language was developed by the Tamil-speaking Siddhars on the basis of the Tamil Language to give script ... Read more