Sitthu Vilaiyaadal

This is the exhibition of the powers achieved by an aspirant during his divine life. So far the right to enjoy this Sitthu Vilaiyaadal power is bestowed upon the divinators of Eastern world, particularly the Dravidians. These Dravidians are the aborigines of the Indian sub-continent. This is still proved by the flowering of divinators among the Tamils who are the Mother of all the Dravidian races.

Quite a lot of Peedaathipathys, Madaathipathys, Aachaaryars, Gurudevars, Naayanmaars, Aazhwaars, Sages and Saints have been emanating continuously from this Tamil land. This Tamil Land is the remarkable remaining of the Lost Lemuria Continent (the Kumari Continent).

The Sitthu Vilaiyaadal is the action form of the Divine Power obtained from the Arul and the Marul. This comes out automatically from a man whenever his divine power reaches the stage of overflowing. Before the overflowing stage, if the aspirant attempts to do Sitthu Vilaiyaadal, he would lose his stored divine power considerably and sometime even to the extent of exhaustion. This sort of the exhausted condition leads to great failures and disappointments.

SPECIAL NOTE In the Induism, there are countless incidents narrated about the exhibition of Sitthu Vilaiyaadal by Gods. In the divine scriptures like Puraanaas, Idhihaasas, it is often stated that

God descends to the earth and enact Sitthu Vilaiyaadal for the sake of their devotees.

This means 'God is the servant of man'. But the other religions preach and teach that 'God is the Master of man and man should be an obedient and sincere servant to this Supreme Being, God'.

This Sitthu Vilaiyaadal is for the purpose of revival of faith among the commons and for the renaissance of the religion and religious life. This Sitthu Vilaiyaadal stands as a proof through ages to the extent of proving the existence of God to non-believers and laymen. Other religions in the world also speak about these miracular powers.