Indhuism Origin

The Pathinen Siddhars and the Pathinettampady Karuppukal founded the Induism in the year 43,71,101 B.C. in the Lost Lemuria Continent, namely the Kumari Kandam. This was the greatest and the largest island of this earth and it was the place where the human race evolved first. So, without any explanation it is clear that the Induism is the first and foremost religion of the mankind.

Gurudevar Thirisulam

And this Induism is the religion of the Cosmic Beings or Astronauts, namely the Pathinen Siddhars, the Pathinettampady Karuppukal, the Siddhars of the forty-eight varieties, the Vazhipaattu Nilaiyinars of forty-eight varieties and the forty-eight varieties of Celestial Beings.

This Induism clearly defines and explains, cultivates and establishes all the religious philosophies, theologies, rituals, festivals, relilgious functions, religious arts and sciences.... and so on.

To prove this we can cite one example. The Induism clearly explains about the seven stages of the sky namely (1) Vaan (2) Aagaayam (3) Vinne (4) Kahanam (5) Visumbu (6) Paravely (7) Paazhvely. No other religion or even science has so far tabulated and defined these astronomical facts and figures.

Because this Induism was founded in this Lost Lemuria Continent, the Tamils or the Dravidians are the chosen people of the Induism. To explain further, these Tamilians or the Dravidians are the most powerful Divinators, Mystics, Saints, Sages, Guru Peedams and Aachaariyas of the Induism.