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Religion is the True History of the Human Civilization

The Siddharism or Induism (pronounced as 'Indhuism') is a Social Philosophy given by the Pathinen Siddhars for this earth around 43,71,101 B.C. in Divine Tamil Language. Thanjavur Big Temple

The Induism of the Siddhars holds and professes the policy and principle of equal respects to all Human Races, Languages and Religions. (Induism is Different from the Hinduism )

The Induism assures that everyone can become God through proper Guru. Everything in Induism is carried out in a Scientific Atmosphere with a Rationalistic Approach. There is no room for superstitions, blind beliefs and wild imaginations.

The Induism is the True Religion of Liberty. There are countless number of gods and quite a lot of methods of prayers. Every individual has the right to worship any god through any method of prayer. The Siddha Philosophy has no conflict or contradiction with any other religion. This is because of the fact that the

Siddharism is the Mother Liquor of all Religions and Philosophies.

All the religions of this earth worship or respect the founder of that religion. All the divinators of this earth were the direct heirs or disciples of the Pathinen Siddhars of Tamil Land.

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