Symbolification of Big Temple


With a fore-thinking for lakhs of years, His Holiness carried out all His plans and schemes in regard to the divine field. There may be any change socially or politically or even in nature also, since change is inevitable. Admitting this factor, all His works both in the field of writing and deeds were kept secretly in underground chambers all over the world with the knowledge of selected people.

Similarly, all those temples which are renovated and re-empowered by Him, re-constructed and constructed by Him including the Big Temple of Thanjavur have many secrets known to selected families all over the world irrespective of religion, race and nationality. He maintained that He and His philosophy should always be far above the caste, creed and such differences.

So, He founded His own style, method, form of art and architecture in all steps of the temple sciences and divine field. That was very useful to the commons and gave success to anyone who made use of them. So, automatically His works and philosophy gained influence and power throughout Indian sub-continent rapidly. It resulted most of the temples in India - from very small temple to very big temple - to be built adopting the model of the Big Temple of Thanjavur.

That is why, most of the temples founded after 1182 A.D. are having Karuvarai big towers. (Big tower only on top of the central Sanctum Sanctorum; earlier temples have big towers at the entrances.) They stand even today against all other social, political and religious calamities, fights, wars and even the whims and fancies of dynasties. Also, they have a fertile place of importance and command in the hearts and minds of the Indus all over the world.

Putting it in another way, one can say that the Indus are able to get an inspiration or devotedness merely by thinking or speaking or looking at the temples having Karuvarai towers. To that extent, the selected or designed architecture of His Holiness XI Peedam are the powerful spring of divine atoms and energies. That is why, His descendants have the command, power and self-confidence to declare that they can transform any man to the level of God by their grace.

Further, these Karuvarai-towered temples are rendering proper services in safe-guarding the Induism, namely the Siddharism, such that the personification of God, the divine power of gods and goddesses and the divine protection provided by the Indu temples. They rouse the inspiration to understand very often the moral values, the mystical and ethical values of religious systems followed by the mystics and divinators.

Even it can be said that these enormous divine powered temples are the root cause for the divinators, mystics, sages, saints, Naayanmaars, Aalwaars and other pious religious devotees who were born in this sacred land during the last one thousand years.

That is why the Induism is ever-green and fertile. It is with full vigour, valour and colour in all walks and talks of life. No other religion is this much powerful because they all stand on their past history and not in the present. Induism is creating history everyday. All these happened only on account of the Big Temple of Thanjavur and it is the masterpiece of His Holiness Siddhar Karuwooraar XI Pathinen Siddhar Peedam.

In short, the life histories of His Holiness Siddhar Amaraavathi Aatrangarai Karuwooraar the X Peedam (100BCE to 150 CE) and His Holiness Siddhar Kaaviri Aatrangarai Karuwooraar the XI Peedam (785CE to 1040CE) have to be written in hundreds of volumes. Then only, the writer can get some consolation that he has done atleast something.

The life hostories of both Peedathipathis cannot be completed in hundreds of volumes of writings; their contributions to the sciences and arts are voluminous. Their collections of literatures and their own literatures are also uncountable.

Their efforts and labour in the socio, political and religious fields are immortal and voracious. Their preachings and teachings are ever inspiring, thought provoking, most reasonable, rationalistic and radicalistic; these are to a great extent useful to all standards and varieties of people. Their achievements in the divine field are ever throwing lights upon the Induism such that darkness will never touch the Induism.

These two Peedams alone had the difficulties and precarious positions to face and to tackle the foreigners, the North Aryans and their invading culture, language and religion. These two Peedams had to labour much to purify and to rescue the Induism, the Tamil language and the Indu people.

No other earlier Peedathipathi had to face such difficulties except X and XI Peedams who took much pain and strain in bringing out the whole history of the Universe, cosmic universes, divine world, mystical world, Pathinen Siddhars, their preachings and teachings, the chronological information of the four Yugas, the divinity of Tamil Language, the immortality and divine speciality of the Induism and so on.

So, the biographies and autobiographies of the above two are very very essential to enlighten and enrich the Indus, the Indians, the religious minded people all over the world irrespective of religion. Similarly, the big temple of Pasupathiswarar of Karur (Tiruchy District) and big temple of Thanjavur have much importance for the present and the future. On this basis only the information from the palm leaves are published here.