Indhuism Features

Special Features of The Indhuism

The Indhuism of the Siddhars explains that

Woman is not a taboo for Spiritual life.

The Taantric, Yaentric poojas of the Siddhars has the solid basis on the Deification of Women. In other words, men cannot acquire the divine powers directly; through women alone men can bring forth the divine powers and acquire the powers by doing poojas with the women.

The Indhuism of the Siddhars explains that

Women are the Flowers to be offered in Poojas, Women are the Flowers blossoming every month, Women are the Honest and the most Sacred among Creations.

The Indhuism of the Siddhars professes that it is not necessary to renounce the worldly life to attain divinity. Divinity can be achieved even through the Family Life.

Divinity is possible only through Guru. Guru is the personification of God.

Big Temple Tower

  • The Indu Temples are the encyclopedias of this Universe!
  • The Siddha Indu Mysticism and Medicine are the two eyes of mankind!
  • The Induism of the Siddhars is a Social Science; it cultivates the best conduct and character!
  • The Induism of the Siddhars is the History of Human civilisation on this hemisphere!
  • The Induism of the Siddhars creates all earthly pleasures and divine bliss!
  • The Induism is the proper medicine for the sick; and an enjoyable feast for the healthy!
  • The Induism is the Treasure of Knowledge and Wisdom!