The Calendar Maintained by Pathinen Siddhars

The Pathinen Siddhars have been maintaining a very lengthy calendar which extends right from the beginning of flora and fauna on this hemisphere.

The True Induism or the Social Philosophy given by Pathinen Siddhars maintains the chronology as given in the following table.

  1. Anaathi Period 4,85,920 years
  2. Keeran Ugam (Krethaa Yugam) 17,28,080 years
  3. Theeran Ugam (Threthaa Yugam) 12,90,000 years
  4. Thooran Ugam (Dwaapara Yugam) 8,64,000 years
  5. Kaliyan Ugam (Kali Yugam) 4,32,000 years

    Total life of this earth 48,00,000 years

'Anaathi Period' is the period during which the evolution started from one cell living organism to reach the Human being stage called as 'Maneesan' in Tamil. Maneesan was not yet a fully cultured human being. He was living along with the animals on this planet slowly learning to have an Individual Life, a Family Life and a Social Life.

The First Kingdom was formed by Pathinen Siddhars towards the end of this Anaathi Period. That was the beginning of the first Ugam called as Keeran Ugam.

A Total of 43,73,116 years (as of 2016 CE or Christian era) have elapsed so far with life on this earth. The current year is 43,73,117. Now we are in 5117th year(as of 2016 CE) out of 4,32,000 years in Kaliyan Ugam.

No other system so far known on this earth maintains such a lengthy and detailed Chronology.