Indhuism is Siddharism only

Indhuism is nothing but the Siddharism!

The Siddha Philosophy has been living with the name Indhu Religion in the entire India. That is why our efforts have been expanded to the entire sub-continent through the formation of Indhu Renaissance Movement. That is why we allow revolutionarily people from all races, languages and states of India to join the Indhu Renaissance Movement.

Whoever joins with us would soon learn by experience the divine nature of Tamil Language alongwith its divine power, beauty, life-force, virginity and supremacy. There are plenty of facilities and chances in our practices to learn the divine nature of Tamil language. So, whoever comes along with us would believe and accept the great fact that the ‘Triangular fortress of Tamil language, Tamil Race, Tamil State has been formed first on this earth to regulate and protect the human race, culture, civilization, art, education and life.’

We are not at all getting ready to fight with other religions in India. We aim to make our Indhus to understand the ancientness, supremacy, strength, fineness, truth and benefits. So, we respect all religions. At the same time, we want all the religions to co-operate in order to bring in peace, satisfaction, happiness, contentment ... in the human life.

We explicitly state that we are working for that only. We are working for the renaissance of our religion by explaining the history, pride, best nature, etc of our Indhu Religion. But if anyone tries to blame that we have religious fanaticism, we can never accept and tolerate that.

We are not trying to prevent people of our own religion trying to demean our Indhu religion without understanding fully about our Indhu Religion. But at the same time, we are taking efforts to correct such people by giving the rational and intelligent explanations about our Indhu Religion. So, our organization is only a cultural activity movement. This is not against any religion. And this is not a political organization. This aims only renaissance in Religion.

//Translation of the portion of the essay letter written by Gurudevar for the 10th Indhu Renaissance movement conference. The original version in Tamil can be read at

Author: admin Team Lead