Indhuism is the Religion of India

Indhuism can alone be the Religion of Indian Government

During the Indian Independence the politicians who worked for Independence were mostly egoistic, power-mongering, position-mongering, self-aggrandising, slaves to foreign culture, ignorant of the fineness of India's culture, desiring to achieve indpendence through any means, etc. Because of these bad qualities, they failed to declare after Independence that India's religion is Indhuism.

Those politicians could not understand that

  • ‘Indhuism alone could create a national feeling among Indians’,
  • ‘India will be protected only by accepting and protecting the Indhu religious literature and ceremonies’,
  • ‘Indhu religious feeling alone can safeguard the unity, patriotism among Indians’,
  • ‘Indian educational and art institutions should aim to nurture the Indhu religion’,
  • ‘India is only for Indhus’,
  • ‘India’s constitution should be based on Indhu Religion only', etc.

So, they did not use the above-mentioned ideas to form the basis of our nation's governance. Atleast now, these Indian politicians should realize their mistakes and work towards correcting the situation.

Hindi language imposition in India

  • “India can be united only by making everyone learn Hindi language”
  • “Indian government should have a single governing language, official language; and it should be Hindi language only”
  • “India's political unity will be damaged by refusal to accept Hindi language imposition.”
  • “India's unity and integration can be strengthened only spreading Hindi language and strengthening it”
  • “Indian government itself will spend heavily for Hindi language's growth”

... These were the statements made by the Indian politicians to make Hindi language a medicine for India's integration and unity. This is utter foolishness, madness or political gimmicks.

When Hindi language was made the India's government language or Administrative language, it created a huge fire of hatred towards Hindi language among non-Hindi speaking people. India's integration and unity get affected largely only by these Hindi language fanatics. If India ever breaks into small countries, it would happen only because of this Hindi language.

Hindi language was never a ruling language of India. And it can never be the ruling language of India. Even though this great fact was well-understood by all the Indian politicians, communists and atheists or rationalists; they all are afraid of opposing the Hindi language political domination.

Indhuism alone has the power to unify the entire India. Our primary duty is to make everyone realize this great fact. We all should work patiently and sincerely towards making everyone realize the goodness, pride, essentialness and benefits of Indhu Religion. We should take pride in this great service and work untiringly.

Those who have been asking blindly whether Indhu religion was India's official religion should open their eyes widely to see millions of temples all over India having tall temple towers with beautiful artefacts in the halls and divinely powered sanctum sanctorums.

Because Indhuism was the religion of the Kings who ruled this nation one could see the huge stone-structured Indhu temples even in places where stones and sand were not available. Indhuism gets damaged by these people who could not even see this great fact with their own eyes.

The Siddharism which is known today as Indhu Religion was followed by people all over the world and this fact itself explains that Indhu religion was the official religion of India. One does not need sophisticated tools to see the wound in the hand. Like that we don't have to search for the evidences to prove the well-established facts such as ‘Indhu religion was followed by people of India’, ‘Indhu religion was the official religion of India’, ‘Indhu religion alone gives the feeling of one nation to all people of India’, etc.

That is why we have been insisting that India's future prosperity relies heavily on the renaissance of Indhu Religion and making it the ruling religion of India. All types of people in India shoud be made to understand and accept this great fact. This is a very very arduous task and we have to proudly involve ourselves in this great task.

//Translation of the portion of the essay-letter written by His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam on 29th November 1980. The original version in Tamil can be read here.//

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