IMI Policy on English Language

The English-speaking British ruled the entire Indian sub-continent under one umbrella. They provided a proper education to Indians through their English language in various fields such as Medicine, Engineering, History, Philosophy, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, etc. by starting Educational Institutions in India.

This English education alone united the entire India and gave a feeling of oneness to all Indians otherwise called as Indhus. This education alone developed the patriotic feeling among Indians. So, English alone could be the administrative language of India if one wants Indian sub-continent as a single country in the Atlas map of the World.

English language alone cultivated and nurtured the feeling of India's national Independence. Even today the constitution of India, the judiciary, all the Indian government offices, ... etc function only through English language. The Hindi-speaking north Indians could not learn English language easily. Because of that reason alone, the North Indians have been trying to reject the English language by opposing and developing hatred towards that language in various manners.

After taking bath in water, the elephant would soil itself using its trunk by throwing on its head the sand near the water body. In a similar manner, the Congress Party which worked hard to obtain India's Independence by educating themselves using English language is now throwing the sand of Hindi Language on their heads. This Hindi domination, this rage of Hindi language and the dictatorship of Hindi-speaking politicians would soon break apart the independent India into numerous language-based countries. English language alone has the power to stop such a damage to this Indian sub-continent.

As far as the Tamilians are concerned, Sanskrit language, Hindi language and English language are all foreign languages only. So, the Tamilians have to think and decide about the choice of one language among these three languages based on which language would give maximum support for integrated India, scientific growth and interactions with other countries in the world. But the congress party people of Tamilnadu envisage to oppose, reject and hate the English language alone by describing it as a foreign language. This is an utter foolish act and suicidal to the Tamilians.

English language explained in detail with evidences about the clear-cut differences between the Tamil language and the languages of North India such as Sanskrit, Hindi, etc. In addition to this, this English language listed out numerous proves and evidences to describe the great fact that Sanskrit alone destroyed the Tamil language's brighness greatly. Because of this only, the Tamil literary scholars had their eyes opened to the greatness of their Tamil language.

Further, this English language categorised clearly Kannada, Telugu, Malaiyalam, Tulu, Konkani, ... as the Dravidian Family languages that took birth from pure Tamil Language. It also proved that all these Dravidian languages have got damaged extensively by the North Aryan languages that took birth from Sanskrit language. The linguistical facts and figures only awakened the Tamils and made them to fight against the domination of the Brahmins and the Sanskrit.

Thus, Tamils should learn to use English language and Tamil language as their two eyes and two legs in order to steer clearly away from the North Aryan Illusions; to escape from the brahministic cunning and exploitative dictatorships; to save the Tamil language from Sanskrit language which brought in numerous ills and evils to Tamil language... etc.

That is to say, “English language alone cultivated and developed in the Tamils the feelings of self-respect, pride, self-confidence, affinity towards their mother tongue, patriotic feelings, cultural attachment, unity among Tamil Indhus, literary scholarship, etc.” This great fact should be realized by every Tamilian to learn the English Language. To explain this point further, every Tamil speaking individual should learn English language giving the same equal acceptance as his/her mother tongue Tamil. Then only the Tamils could lead a good life as Tamils with liberty, strength, pride and prestige.

Hindi and Sanskrit languages would try continuously to hurt the ever-living Tamil language like vultures to drink its blood and eat the flesh in order to satiate their ever-growing hunger.

So, every Tamil should constantly remember these two divinely statements given by His Holiness Siddhar Elanampattiyaar, the Kandappakottai Karuwooraar:

1. “Using Sanskrit language in prayers and religious practices or for divine purposes is a great sin, it would give a long-standing curse.” 2. “Accepting Hindi language in Politics, Administrations, Educations, Arts, etc is equal to suicide. It would lead Tamils into a dark, painful future; It would make the Tamils live as cowards, slaves,beggars, nomads, destitutes for ever.”

These two statements should always be kept in written form inside and in front of the houses, public places, streets and institutions in Tamil land by every Tamilian.

Then only there would happen a ferocious war against the Sanskrit language and Hindi language. The weapon for this war itself is the English Language. The Tamil cultural liberation or Tamil religious renaissance or liberation of Tamil language could be protected only by English Language. So, the English language should be used as the weapon and sheild by every Tamilian. By emphasizing this point, I end this essay.

- His Holiness Siddhar Kaakapusundar alias Kaakkaiyar M.Palanisamy Pillai, The Second Hereditary Head of the Indhu Renaissance Movement.

//Translation of the essay written by His Holiness Siddhar Kaakapusundar M.Palanisamy Pillai, 2nd President of I.M.I. The original essay in Tamil is more elaborate and can be read here.//

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