Downfall of Tamils, Why?

Why Tamils alone remain downtrodden of all the races of this world?

"Only among Tamils one can see a lot of people speaking other languages, multitudes of people following other religions and people of Tamilnadu living in various countries. Further, considerable number of people belonging to other countries live continuously in Tamilnadu alone. That is why, unifying the Tamils or efforts to unify the Tamils could never take place in Tamilnadu.

During the past 2000 years of history of Tamilnadu, a few individual leaders succeeded at different times in unifying the Tamils largely; But the foreign races who have been dominating and directly looting the Tamils in the name of Religion and Business, People of other religions and People of other languages had damaged this unity of Tamils using major conspiracies and contrivances.

All these were due to the foreigners namely the North Aryans who entered into the Indhu country, India about 1359 years after the start of this Kaliyugam. (Now the Kaliyugam 5122nd year is running). These foreigners who came to be called as brahmins in India, spread all over this country right from Himalayas to the southernmost Kumari point. Yet this Brahmins settled deeply in Tamil speaking area of this sub-continent. That is why these brahmins have developed an invincible supremacy in the Tamil Society by flexibly doing anything and everything to everyone in the Tamil society ranging from the King to the poor.

Using this supremacy only, these brahmins help any type of foreigners who come to Tamil land to settle down here in support of the brahmins. In addition to this, these brahmins gather considerable number of blind supporters, helpers, slaves to them among Tamils by way of sacrificing anything or using any type of art known to them. These supporters of brahmins from Tamil society in turn become the enemies or traitors to the Tamil Language, Race and Country. Thus the considerable number of Tamils inside the Tamil land remain as strong supporters or believers of the brahmins who are nothing but foreigners to Tamils. So, these supporters protect the brahmins vehemently to the detriment of the Tamil language and Tamil people.

That is why, it is extremely difficult to remove the brahmins from the Tamil speaking land nor is it possible to destroy the brahmins totally. The King Rajaraja Chola had once great respect for me as his Teacher and would be afraid of standing in front of me due to that respect. But now this King is going against me and blindly supporting these brahmins. That is why, by calling my son Karuvur Thevar, I started the service of destroying these brahmins completely through a blood-shed revolution in the Tamil speaking land.

But the co-disciples of Karuvur Thevar who learnt the divine arts under me along with Karuvur Thevar did not join in support of this bloody war due to these brahmins. So, Karuvur Thevar was alone in front of the Thanjavur Big Temple in the war against brahmins' supporters. The King RajaRaja Chola also decided against me in performing the Kudamuzhukku prayers of Thanjavur Big Temple built by me. The King and my disciple RajaRaja Chola has concluded that the brahmins are enough to perform the Big Temple services.

Within a short span of time, all the ministers, marshalls, captains, traders and big farmers of the Later Chola Empire got divided into two groups as those who are supporting me and those who are supporting the King RajaRaja Chola. I realized that these brahmins have thus got big opportunities to destroy the Divine Empire fully.

These brahmins have also managed to gather the support of Pandiyas and Cheras who did not show interest in joining with the Divine Empire. Using that support, the brahmins have prepared for a civil coup inside the Divine Empire. That is why I have to isolate myself from all these conflicts by going underground. After me, when would anyone save the Tamils from these brahmins is not known at this juncture.

But, if anyone is coming forward to save the Tamils, they should make the Tamils clearly understand that these brahmins are the sole reason for the downfall of the Tamils. Otherwise, many of the Tamils themselves would become the protectors of these brahmins and destroy the Tamils fully by serving as the swords in the hands of the brahmins... .. .. .."

- Gurupaarampariya statement written by His Holiness Gurumahaa Sannidhaanam, Gnaalaguru Siddhar Kaaviriyaatrangarai Karuwooraar, the 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi.

This Gurupaarampariya statement had been used by Kandappakottai Siddhar Ealanampattiyaar U.Ramasamy Pillai in many of his written works. Later, Siddhar Kaakkaiyar M.Palanisamy Pillai printed this Gurupaarampariya statements in many small brochures and published more than a thousand times. Yet, the Tamils have not understood that these brahmins are the only cause of the Tamils' downfalls and downtrodden state.

Under the modern conditions, there needs to be a lot of re-thinking in regard to these brahmins as a few of the brahmins themselves have started realizing their wrong-doings. Otherwise, the Tamils would have to spend most of their time unnecessarily in blaming these enemies of the Tamils.

//Translation of a short essay written by His Holiness Gnaalaguru Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi. This article was printed in the year 1988 by Gurudevar Himself in a monthly magazine ‘Gurudevar Arikkai No. 49’.//

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