On Rebirth Theory of Indhuism

உறங்குவது போலும் சாக்காடு; உறங்கி விழிப்பது போலும் பிறப்பு.

His Holiness the 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedam, Guru mahaa Sannidhaanam Siddhar Kaaviriyaatrangkarai Karuwooraar (The Siddhar who built the Thanjavur Big Temple) has written the following in His book “Guru Paarampariyam”:

“... The rich, powerful, famous ones, kings, ministers, physically strong people, people of high-caste, ... of this divine country India should atleast for a second remember and give thought to the ‘re-birth theory’ central to the Siddha Philosophy alias Indhuism. Then only they would think deeply about getting a re-birth for them in this country as poor, destitutes, slaves, wanderers, ordinary citizens, permanently sick, etc. When the ruling class start thinking about this, they would immediately find solution to destroy the casteisms, rich-poor differences, power-mongering, haughtiness, physical rages, emotional rages... in this country."

This statement gives a clear idea that anyone who attained a ruling position in this birth may have to get the next birth as ordinary poor person suffering from numerous diseases and inabilities. If only the rulers of this country who rule the nation without any long-term thinking and take decisions only for short-term gains understand this central idea of Indhuism or Hinduism; they would completely give up their partisan attitudes, divide-and-rule strategies, money-mongering tendencies, corrupt practices, pompousness, evil-strategies etc.

Further, His Holiness Siddhar Karuwooraar the 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedam has also written in another place in His ‘Arulaatchi Aanaigal’ (Eighteen Divine Orders) book that

... there is no rule or guarantee that a person of a particular gender taking birth in one race, language, religion should get another birth in the same gender, race, language or religion....

This means, a person who is ‘Hindu’ by birth living in a particular region in India need not get the next birth in the same region as ‘Hindu’. That person may even take birth in a family following other religious faiths and / or in any other region in India. If this is realized by the so-called Religion-based outfits, they would never make any quarrel based on religion or language in this country.

Further, a male by birth currently may take birth as female in another birth. If this is realized, people would not see one gender superior to another gender.

One gets to see these fundamental philosophies in the Indhu Religion givenforth by the Pathinensiddhars in Tamil language only.

Thiruvalluvar In Tamil language has also given a few Kurals to this effect. Just two kurals would suffice to conclude this short essay.

உறங்குவது போலும் சாக்காடு; உறங்கி விழிப்பது போலும் பிறப்பு.

Meaning: Death is similar to going to sleep; Taking birth is similar to waking up after sleep.

பிறர்க்கு இன்னா முற்பகல் செய்யின் தமக்கு இன்னா பிற்பகல் தாமே வரும்.

Meaning: If you commit wrong to another person at any time, that wrong would automatically return back to you later.

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