11th PathinenSiddhar Peedam



He was the father of the Later Chola Dynasty (785 A.D. to 1279 A.D.) and the founder of the Big Temple of Thanjavur. He lived more than 256 years (785 A.D. to 1050 A.D.).

11th Pathinensiddhar Peedam

He made a collection of ancient books which were rarely available and they numbered upto 1877; but at present only a thousand and odd are available. He Himself wrote more than three hundred books.

He made a monumental work, as his predecessors wrote,

  • "THE GURU PAARAMPARIYAM" (A religious history of the world and a complete history of the Siddhars),
  • "THE ARASA PAARAMPARIYAM" (a political history of this world and a complete history of the royals of the Tamils who are the aboriginates of India), and
  • "THE ILAKKIYA PAARAMPARIYAM" (a complete history of the Indian languages, a chronological study of the History of the Tamil Literatures and linguistical study of the human languages).

His Holiness clearly writes that the concept of pious, religious and the divine living is meaningless except in the context of the community. There are constant references in His writings that being in the world but not worldly. The greatest ideal is to achieve divinity as a member of society with the available and achievable material requisites. And also, He states that family life, the "ILLARAM" (இல்லறம் = A recognised family life with parents, brothers and sisters, wife and children and other relatives) is the correct and blessed life.

By His writings and His life history, it is clear that He was

  • an oracious reader, a veteran scholar, a powerful writer, a great orator, an eminent educationalist, a philosopher, a historian,
  • an able administrator,
  • a doctor of Siddha Medicines,
  • a rationalistic thinker, a social reformer, a radical politician,
  • a versatile genius,
  • a great master of Esoteric doctrines and occult sciences,
  • a great sculptor and a great artisan of metals and clay,
  • a creative architect,
  • a lover of good artistic collection,
  • an apostle of the Divine Tamil language, non-vegetarianism in the Indu religion, the redeemer of the Tamilian race, the Dravidian family, of the Indian sub-continent and the people of this world.

As a whole, His Holiness lived and professed in divinising and liberating the man-kind. He preached and taught as a saviour.

All along His life, He fought against the North Aryans or foreigners to India. If at all, He took proper steps vehemently against the Aryanism, the entire race of foreigners in Indian sub-continent would have been subjected to the greatest indiginities and tortures. But He was very generous, gentle and noble towards the North Aryans inspite of all the plots, conspiracies of the North Aryans. Only on account of the North Aryans, He abruptly ended His services and went inside the underground path .....

According to the references found in His writings, He should have taken four or five world tours. His contributions to the world history were numerous. As a historian, he gives a clear chronological history of this world of about 500 crores of years.