About Gurudevar

The 12th Pathinen Siddhar Peedaathipathi is the successor to the 11th Pathinen Siddhar Peedaathipathi. This 11th Pathinen Siddhar Peedaathipathi was the Father of the Later Chola Empire (785 CE to 1279 CE). His Holiness was also the Arasa Guru (Raja Guru) of all the kings including the RajaRaja Chola I. The entire world never get to know about these Pathinen Siddhar Peedaathipathis because they had to be the force behind all the social and political changes taking place in the world. Because they work intensely behind the screen for the good of the entire mankind, they do not spend their time to publicize themselves. It becomes the responsibility of the disciples of these Pathinen Siddhar Peedaathipathis. Due to the ... Read more

Great Facts of Indhu Religion

Indhu Religion in its simplest sense is the 'Worship of Fore-fathers'. The idols of Indhu Religion are the reflection of the Divinators who lived in the past. Many hands, heads and queer forms of Idols are symbolic representation of the capabilities of the respective Divinators. (For example, sixteen hands with different weapons informs that the Divinator had the mastery over that many weapon-based arts during his life-time.) Indhu Religion aids in acquiring the Divine Atoms and Divine power from Celestial space through the worship of numerous Temples and through plethora of worshipping procedures. Indhu Religion alone permits any individual to worship according to his or her desires. This is because everything is the ... Read more

Divine Language

No link between the True Indhu Religion and the Sanskrit Language.
The Mother tongue of the Pathinen Siddhars is the Tamil Language. This Tamil Language is the ruling language of the True Indhu Religion! Tamil is the Divine Language! Tamil is the Prayer Language that can give salvation to all. And there is no link between the True Indhu Religion and the Sanskrit Language. Sanskrit was created out of the script-less spoken language of North Aryans using Tamil as the base. ... Read more

Indhu Religion

The Indu Religion is not just a History!
The Indu Religion is not just a History! It contains not just Puranas and Idhikaasas stories alone. It is not made up of Miracle-performers! It is not just having Mantras and magics. It is not founded on the beliefs and fears about Heaven and Hell. It is not based on blind faiths, imaginations and meaningless procedures in non-understandable language. It is not based upon a single Divinator nor on a single text book as its bible. It does not live praising and worshipping a single God or Temple. ... Read more

Sanskrit is Dead

Sanskrit Language was cursed at the time of its creation itself by the Siddhars to remain dead for ever.
Sanskrit Language was cursed at the time of its creation itself by the Siddhars to remain dead for ever. That is why, it could not gain the status of a Living Language even amongst the North Aryans, so-called Brahmins, Sanskrit propagandists and lovers. Now the True Indhu Religion must be brought out by releasing it from the clutches of this dead Sanskrit Language. ... Read more

Divine Services Forum

Indhu Renaissance Movement A Cultural Organization Founded: 1772 AD The Aims of Divine Services Forum The social philosophy founded by the Pathinen Siddhars is the Siddharism and known as Indhu Religion. The main purpose is to remove, by giving training, the wild imaginations, blind faiths, follies.... that have come into this Indhu Religion. The Siddharism is the Mother of all the Religions in this World. So, another main purpose is to teach everyone the really practical worshipping methods through one's own religion. To cultivate and grow holistic feelings in order to have peaceful, contentful, loving family life. To create Equality, Brotherhood, Communalistic Society and To develop World Religious Unification. To ... Read more

Karuwooraar of the Big Temple of Thanjavur

A short note on Siddhar KaruOoraar who built the Tanjore Big Temple The statue which is right behind the big tower of Big Temple is the statue of the Siddhar Karu Ooraar who was the chief architect and sculptor of the Tanjore Big Temple. His period was 785 CE to 1040 CE. He was the 11th Gnaanaachchaariyaar and the Gurupeedam of the True Indhuism of Tamils. He constructed the Big Temple mainly to remedy and compensate for the downfall of Tamil Language. This Tamil Language is the ruling language of the True Indhuism given by Pathinensiddhars. Apart from Thanjavur Big Temple he constructed a few small and big temples. He also renovated many old temples. Siddhar KaruOoraar also wrote numerous literature which remain as ... Read more

Indhu Renaissance Movement

A brief introduction This short article gives a brief introduction on Indhu Renaissance Movement (I.M.I.) Two centuries back in 1772 AD, Siddhar Eelanampattiyaar (a hereditary Siddhar in the family line of Siddhar Karu Ooraar) formed the Indhu Renaissance Movement. He formed it in order to inform the entire world that the Siddharism did not take birth with a narrow intention of developing the Tamils and their India alone. On the contrary, the Siddharism is for the benefit of the entire humanity. He used the word 'Indhu' instead of “Indhu Religion”. He explained and established the reason for this very clearly both in theory and practice. He worked very hard to convert the achievements of Siddhars as a Social ... Read more

Power of Gods

On Gods, the Power of Gods and Language of God i) One God Theory is man's wrong imagination. It happens to be a strange desire of man that there should be only one God. In general, the thinking man desires to hand over his responsibilities to some unknown and unseen and imaginary person. Thereby he tries to avoid further thinking. Even if proved otherwise, man wants to hold on to his single imaginary god. So far, there has not been a rationalistic thinking and research effort in understanding about god. ii) The greatest mistake is imagining and believing that 'God knows all languages; God is beyond language and prayer offered in any language will be heard by God'. "Man becomes God; Gods are the ancestors of the living ... Read more

Mystical Healing Principles

The basic principle of the Mystical healing is that vital force can be recharged into the body from an outside source, from the 'Arul' emanation of another healthier and more vital person. That is, the Teacher gets power from Main Deity or the Supreme Being; He transmits it to His disciple 'Maanaakkan' and he in turn recharges it to the patient. Thus by increasing the vital force of a sick person, one can increase his powers to fight the patient's illness. In this manner, the pain of the patient would be eased and his courage and optimism increased by the sense of well-being. For this a scientific and a rationalistic explanation can be given. That is, now the Divine or Mystic Power namely 'Arul' is explained as ... Read more