Adisankara was a Tamilian

Birth: Adisankaran was born in Kaladi in Chera Kingdom coming under Pandiyan Empire after 785 AD. He was born in a Tamil Sivaachaarya family. His father Sivaguru was closely related to Sirkazi Sivapadha Irudhayar Family. (Sirkazhi Sivapadha Irudhayar was the father of Thirugnaana Sambandar). His mother's name was Aryammal, which is a Tamilian name only. Adisankaran lived for 32 years.

Language: He was greatly talented in his mother tongue Tamil language. Tamil was the language spoken in the Dravidian land during that period in that region, Chera Kingdom (known as Kerala today). Malayalam language took birth only a few hundred years back.

In order to unify all the different religious groups and to destroy all the group fights, he learnt and mastered Sanskrit language and translated many Indhu religious literature from Tamil to Sanskrit.

For the sake of North Indians and for rectifying North Aryans, he wrote the Tamil Indhu scripts in Sanskrit. But unfortunately, the North Aryans used his Sanskrit translations to destroy the true Tamil Indhu Religion and established the Imaginary Sanskrit Hinduism i.e. Pseudo Hinduism.

Appearance: One simple example is Adisankara's appearance itself. Adisankaran used to wear pure white dress having a long hair tufted on top and a lengthy beard.

He lived as a Gnana Siddhar. This means he renounced wealth, sexual enjoyments and other earthly pleasures. As he did not like the existing temples for his worship, he blocked the divine energy sources in many of the temples using his mystical powers. This helped the North Aryans to enter into the weakened Indhu temples. Otherwise, the so called brahmins could not have entered the Tamils' Indhu Temples.

In the course of 9th century, the North Aryans changed the appearance of Adisankaran to clean-shaven headed person, wearing (ochre) orange robe to claim that Adisankaran was born in their community. They also claimed that all of the Adisankaran's translated works were original Sanskrit literature from immense past.

The North Aryans' supreme imaginary statement was to claim people like Vyasar, Valmiki, Yagnavalli, Sivan, Murugan, Raman, Kannan ... (who lived much before 3000 BC) spoke only in Sanskrit, while Sanskrit itself was created just 2500 years back (between 500 BC and 300 BC).

Acharyars in Indhuism: As per True Indhuism, eight types of Acharyars will take birth depending on the necessity at different periods for the sake of establishing the Indhu Religious Practises in the sub-continent. These eight types are namely,

  • Sankaraachariyaar,
  • Adhi Sankaraachariyaar,
  • Paramaachariyaar,
  • Adhi Paramaachariyaar,
  • Eesuvaraachariyaar,
  • Adhi Eesuvaraachariyaar,
  • Sivaachariyaar,
  • Adhi Sivaachariyaar.

So far (as of 2016CE) in the long period of 43,73,116 years (Forty-three lakhs Seventy-three thousand one hundred and sixteen years), 40 Sankaracharyars had taken birth and another 8 are yet to take birth.

Similarly, 32 Adisankaracharyars had taken birth and another 16 are yet to take birth. Kaladi Adisankaran was the 32nd Adisankaracharyar in this tradition.

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