Marul Compared with Arul

The Arul and Marul are explained by a simili which states that Arul is a natural spring of water whereas Marul is a well water. In a natural spring, water comes spontaneously and no efforts are needed. In the case of well water, one has to make efforts to draw water out. Similarly, Arul is a spontaneous power, Marul is the power obtained by means of efforts.

Sitthu Vilaiyaadal is like water stored in a pond or tank. Depending on the usage, the water level goes down. In the sameway, the divinator can do miracles using the powers attained by Arul and Marul. If he spends the energy in wasteful acts, he becomes exhausted in the course of time.

On the other hand, if he does not use the powers at all, his powers become stagnant and spoiled just like the unused water tank. That is why the men of Sitthu Vilaiyaadal must be alert, prompt and systematic in performing poojas and other rituals to utilise the powers efficiently for the welfare of the society.

The men of Sitthu Vilaiyaadal are to be condemned because they very often misguide the people with wrong impression that they are the true divinators and mystics of Arul. On the contrary, the Siddharism clearly explains that the true and sincere divinator should never exhibit the Sitthu Vilaiyaadal, since it leads to loss of power and to a disastrous end in religious achievements.

The men of Sitthu Vilaiyaadal exhibit their powers in order to earn name, fame and wealth. Using these powers, they start a sort of business in religion and give least importance to divinity. This type of approach propagates wrong notions about the religious people. The business-mindedness creates new institutions which spread vague and fake philosophies. This is because, the Sitthu Vilaiyaadal men usually do not know how they achieved the extraordinary capabilities and they never try to find answer for that.

Due to great attraction towards the exhibition of miracles, they lose their powers gradually till exhaustion. After exhaustion, they just lead a comfortable, convenient and pompous life using the once-earned name, fame and riches. That is why these mystics cannot pass their powers even to their heirs. The Siddharism categorises these Sitthu Vilaiyaadal men in the last grade in the divine world.

On seeing the pompous and irrational life of these Sitthu Vilaiyaadal men, the rationalists, reformers and atheists resort to vehement oppositions and criticisms against the religion itself. This gives rise to the situation that true divinators do not get proper respect and they never get utilised by the society. That is why there are stagnancies, inabilities, unsuccessful plans and schemes in the field of religion. And the true philosophers, philanthropists and theoreticians do not get necessary support and help from the public.