True Religion

True Religion of Liberty

The Siddharism is the true religion of liberty. There are countless number of gods and quite a lot of methods of prayers. Every individual has the right to worship any god through any method of prayer. Even within a family, each member can worship and choose the methods of prayer according to his will and pleasure. This type of freedom is not found in any other religion in the world.

So, the Siddha Philosophy has no conflict or contradiction with any other religion. Siddharism easily accepts all other religions and digests them. This is the best proof that the Siddharism is the mother liquor of all religions and philosophies. There is no doubt that even in future, this Siddharism alone can stand as the mother of all religions which are going to emanate further on this earth.

The Siddhars alone have given forth the most cultured religion on this earth.

(a) The Siddharism or the Induism alone does not imply the system of compulsory collective worship. (Induism is not Hinduism.)

(b) In the Induism alone people are not compelled to worship on particular days in every week in the prescribed temple. In this way, the Induism gives no importance to attendance in the temples and the dictatorship of priests is totally avoided.

(c) In the Induism, conversion from other religions never existed; and will never exist. That is why there is no policy or principle or theory about converting the people from other religions into Induism.

(d) In the Induism there is no enrolment practice or registration of membership under temple authorities. Thus the dictatorship of the priests and temple authorities is avoided.

(e) In the Induism, there is no compulsion of bearing and wearing religious marks and selected types of dress.

(f) In the Induism, there is no bar and bindings to have inter-religious marital relationships.