Indhuism Principle

All other religions of the world speak of so many restrictions and taboos in the name of God and spritualilsm. But the Induism of the Pathinen Siddhars says clearly that satisfying all sorts of human thirsts and hungers, longings and desires, tastes and expectations within the human limit is not against the religious life. That is,

Enjoying all sorts of worldly pleasures any man can uplift himself to the divine level.

This is the assurance given by the Siddharism.

NOTE: This assurance is clearly stated in all the Guru Paarampariyam including the Guru Paarampariyam written by the First Pathinen Siddhar Peedam, Adhisivan. He was the 1st Pathinen Siddhar Peedam and His descendants are the successive Pathinen Siddhar Peedams.

This religious institution, Pathinen Siddhar Peedam is as old as this universe. It is stated that Pathinen Siddhar Peedam is even older than this Universe; it has been existing in other cosmic universes even before the creation of this earth and universe.

That is why, the religion Indhuism of Siddhars was not founded by any man born on this earth. This Induism was founded on this earth by the astronauts and this is the religion existing in all other universes in the cosmic space. This religion alone gives a proper, rationalistic and scientific explanations to all other religions and their spritualism through historical evidences.

All the information in the 'Siddhar Neri' or the Induism have a chronological approach in a complete form. That is why, it is continuing to exist braving all sorts of invasions of religion, changes of kingdoms and natural havocs. And in particular in this religion the hereditary of the founders is so arranged to continue till the end of this universe.


There is a saying in Guru Paarampariyam that only after the completion of the 48th Pathinen Siddhar Peedam, this universe will come to an end. So far upto the present 12th Pathinen Siddhar Peedam, His Holiness Gnaanaachaariyar, Guru Mahaa Sannidhaanam, Gnaalaguru Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar only twelve Peedathipathys have so far emanated on this earth to rejuvenate the religious faith among the masses then and there.

In the long run of 43,73,090 years only twelve Peedathipathys have administered the divine rule on this earth. Dating from 1989, the remaining 4,26,910 years of life of this world is going to see 36 Peedathipathys. This fact reasons out that the forthcoming period is going to be very arduous, requiring so much of renaissance and reforming work.