Gayatri Mantra and Brahmins

Varnasrama Dharma was purposely created by the aryans. It was not there in India before the invasion of aryans. But the aryans claim that varnasrama dharma was the oldest system and the fore-fathers of the aryans only formulated that system. Aryans called the Tamils as 'Sudra's and tried to push the Tamils away from the society. Aryans are cheating everyone by saying that their 'Gayatri Mantra' is a secret verse. The 'brahmobadesam' conducted by aryans to their young boys is nothing but teaching them this 'Gayatri Mantra.' Kaayanthiri Mantharam of Tamils is mainly for worshipping the Sun. Kaayanthiri Mantharam will yield full benefits when the practising student is blessed by a Kuru. (Kuru is the correct ... Read more