Mystical Healing Principles

The basic principle of the Mystical healing is that vital force can be recharged into the body from an outside source, from the 'Arul' emanation of another healthier and more vital person. That is, the Teacher gets power from Main Deity or the Supreme Being; He transmits it to His disciple 'Maanaakkan' and he in turn recharges it to the patient. Thus by increasing the vital force of a sick person, one can increase his powers to fight the patient's illness. In this manner, the pain of the patient would be eased and his courage and optimism increased by the sense of well-being. For this a scientific and a rationalistic explanation can be given. That is, now the Divine or Mystic Power namely 'Arul' is explained as ... Read more

Siddha Medical Field

The Siddhars' Medical field that exists in Tamil removes the defects and deficiencies in the Human body and gives a complete satisfaction. In the same way, Siddhars' Philosophies remove the defects and deficiencies in the Human Social setup and Activities in order to give the entire Society pleasure and satisfaction. So, in old days the one who practised Siddhars' Medicine invariably had great involvement in Siddhars' Philosophies. The achievements of Siddhars should be made known to the entire world. Siddhars' Achievements could be used by people beyond nation, language and race barriers. Mystical Treatment Siddhars' Medical Field has three major divisions, namely 'Mani' (Light), 'Manthiram' (Sound), 'Marundhu' ... Read more

Mystical Treatment Procedure

This can be scientifically explained. A mystic creates an inner force by a systematic process of prayers and offerings. That is to say the Mystics are endowed with an unusual brain wave pattern 'Sound Waves' with thousands of times more voltage being generated at the Thirty Two limbs of the body. The body rhythms of the Divinator produce a beat which is picked up by the patient and during this process the beat is amplified by the field around the Divinator and will be concentrated on that spot or part of the body of the patient where the Divinator fixes his eyes. Here it is very clear that the Divinator changes the sound waves as light rays and he transmits or passes it on the patient. This is a far advanced stage in ... Read more

Mystical Healing

Mystical Healing and Medical Healing [Faith Healing] Inspite of the fantastic and miraculous advances made by medical science, it still does not have a cure for several diseases ranging from 'periodical rise in temperature', 'excess heat in body', 'un-bearable physical pain', 'the decrease in memory power', 'small-pox' and 'Jaundice' to 'common cold'. Siddhars' Medical Principles insist that these diseases are a result of the previous births; the influences of the stars and planets according to the horoscope; the influences of evil spirits and the divine displeasure. So, therefore the Mystics, Divinators, Astrologers and Magicians have to be called to play a main role in the Medical Field. Such that the Psychic force ... Read more