Power of Gods

On Gods, the Power of Gods and Language of God i) One God Theory is man's wrong imagination. It happens to be a strange desire of man that there should be only one God. In general, the thinking man desires to hand over his responsibilities to some unknown and unseen and imaginary person. Thereby he tries to avoid further thinking. Even if proved otherwise, man wants to hold on to his single imaginary god. So far, there has not been a rationalistic thinking and research effort in understanding about god. Read more

Mystical Healing Principles

The basic principle of the Mystical healing is that vital force can be recharged into the body from an outside source, from the 'Arul' emanation of another healthier and more vital person. That is, the Teacher gets power from Main Deity or the Supreme Being; He transmits it to His disciple 'Maanaakkan' and he in turn recharges it to the patient. Thus by increasing the vital force of a sick person, one can increase his powers to fight the patient's illness. In this manner, the pain of the patient would be Read more

Ilingam Meaning

'Ilingam' is a Tamil word. It is not 'Lingam' as popularly but, out of ignorance, wrongly pronounced. This word 'Ilingam' is as old as 50 lakhs of years. It means an Atom of The Soul. Ilingam means 'atom of Life' or 'Light' or 'Sound' in Tamil. This true and rational meaning this Tamil word has been spoilt by pronouncing this word as 'Lingam' in Sanskritised Hinduism, wrongly equating it to the Symbol of Male Sexual organ. Read more

Utility of Divinity

Use of Divinity in Everyday Life Why Divinity? During 20th and 21st Centuries, mankind has discovered many utilities like Electricity, Magnetism, Petroleum, ... and invented many many equipment for Transportation, Communication, Information Management, Physical Pleasures, ... etc. All these satisfy the requirements of the mankind to provide external facilities and improvements in life. But, none of these answer the questions like 'What happens to any living being after death?', 'How can man understand the Read more