Incomplete Big Temple of Thanjavur

His Holiness 11th Peedam built the Big Temple of Thanjavur in three stages.

In the first stage, He took eighteen years for the completion of the main Temple and Tower.

In the second stage, He took seven years for the completion of the important surrounding temples and Towers at the entrance.

In the third stage, he took fifteen years for the completion of nearby palace, the subways and the fort.

He arranged for the "KUDA MUZHUKKU" festival in the year 1040 A.D. in the month of Panguni (March-April) on a Full Moon day. A serious misunderstanding between the King RajaRaja Chola I and His Holiness came as a hindrance to this "Kuda Muzhukku". The misunderstanding was in connection with the administration of the temple - whether it had to be administrated by the Aryanised methods or by the original Tamilian methods.

In other words, the question was whether the Big Temple of Thanjavur had to be possessed by the 'Tamils' Indhuism' or by the 'Aryans' Hinduism'. That misunderstanding grew to be very strong to an extent that His Holiness had to take military action through His son His Holiness Siddhar Karuwoor Thevar. Karuwoor Thevar was the mightiest, ablest, bravest warrior of that time and He was also the Commander-in-Chief of the big Chola Empire's armed forces.

On account of this, the whole Empire was suddenly shocked and confused. There arose all sorts of local and external political problems, plots, mutinies by the envious people and by the enemies. Amidst that confusion, the entire public and the government officials took sides automatically and formed two rival groups.

The two groups one on the side of His Holiness and the other on the side of the ruling King began to make preparations for a 'civil war' to finalise whether the Chola Empire had to be ruled by the Induism of all the Tamils or by the Hinduism of the Aryans.

(Hinduism is nothing but the Aryanised and Sanskritised Induism of the Tamils or the Dravidians.)

In other words, whether the Chola Empire founded by His Holiness was for Tamil language and literature or for Sanskrit language and literature. Nobody knew what to do other than going in for a war. The moment arose to arrest the Raja Raja Chola I and depose him by His Holiness Siddhar Karuwoor Thevar.

But, unfortunately, in the last minute His Holiness Siddhar Karuwooraar sympathised and pardoned Raja Raja Chola I; His Holiness also left everything to the decision of His son with a suggestion that everything must be done in a peaceful and a compromising manner such that the Divine Empire of the Tamils should not be affected in anyway. (It is to be noted that the Later Chola Empire founded by His Holiness was only to safeguard the Induism of the Pathinen Siddhars and to do services to it.)

After this His Holiness refused to see the King RajaRaja Chola I and cursed him for his ungratefulness to the Induism. Then His Holiness went into the underground abode called as "Nilavarai" and disappeared. That day was the full moon day of the Panguni month (March-April) 1040 A.D.

After the disappearance of His Holiness, the King RajaRaja Chola I committed suicide by jumping down from the top of the Big Tower of the Big Temple of Thanjavur facing the Nilavarai of His Holiness on the full moon day of the month Chithirai (May-June) 1040 A.D.