Religion versus Science - Part 4

One cannot think that Science and Religion are two distinct fields. They are not even opposed to each other. In all respects they go hand in hand with each other. Religion is a science that grew up with the principle of not declaring all the fundamental facts to everyone. Science grew up with the notion of openly declaring every single fact to everyone. So, Religion is same as Science. The medieval period Western Scientists did not understand this major distinction between Religion and Science. Fortunately the Religion based on the fine and minute secret facts did not get destroyed by the scientific fanaticism. A Scientist and Divinator are one and the same. Religious Philosopher declares his achievements only to fit ... Read more

Religion versus Science - Part 3

Religion is beyond estimation; Science is within estimation. The universe is an ever expanding space and cannot be estimated or calculated. Atmosphere surrounding the earth, Fire and Water - all these three have enormous powers within them and that could never be fully understood. The wealth of metals and other elements underneath the earth's surface could not just be measured. The religion is basically these Five Great entities of nature and hence the religion is beyond estimation. SPACE Science first invented Telescope to analyze the sky. Science celebrated this and started analyzing the sky fully. Then only the science realized that the universe is ever expanding and its boundaries could not be located at all. ... Read more

Religion versus Science - Part 2

A few questions from Science and the answers given by Religion to those questions are given below: Q1: Science: "Religion talks only about things that are not visible at all." A1: Religion: "Electricity and magnetism are not also visible." Q2: Science: "The benefits of electricity and magnetic forces are experienced and understood by people." A2: Religion: "The divine forces explained by religion are also experienced by people." Q3: Science: "Why all could not experience the forces of religion?". A3: Religion: "One end of a metal rod kept on fire becomes hot on the other end. But wood does not become hot like metal. Similary a few among the human beings could sense the divine forces; while others could not." ... Read more

Religion versus Science - Part 1

Religion is the one that gives the feelings of peace, satisfaction, contentment, enjoyment and happiness to the human mind. Whereas the Science gives enjoyment, happiness, satisfaction and peacefulness to the human body. Without religion human beings cannot even live. But without science human beings can survive. All the pleasures created by science can alone not give peace or satisfaction or happiness to man. When a person lies down in a cozy bed inside an air-conditioned room he cannot get sleep if the mind is not at peace. He would be tortured by fears as if he was trying to sleep in jungle full of stones and thorns. But at the same time, a person having peace of mind can sleep happily even if he lies down in an ... Read more