Gayatri Manthram and True Induism - Intro

How would one explain about any Religion of this World?

What does this religion state? Or what is the Vision of this Religion?

When? Where? by Whom? Why? this religion was given to mankind?

Who is the head of this religion? Where is the abode of this Head?

Which is its primary temple?

Which is its primary literature?

What is its philosophy and theology?

What does it say about human life?

What does it say about salvation?

What theory it holds about past births and re-births?

What does it say about Heaven and Hell, Sin and Goodwill, Birth and Death, Earthly life...?


The language in which the explanations to all the above-said questions are available in easy to understand form is the primary language of that religion.

Periyaar was not an atheist. He only tried to bring out the True Indhuism from the wild imaginations, meaningless practices and dominations in the name of Hinduism. This Hinduism is also called as Pseudo Induism.

  • The Indhuism was born much before the present day Brahmins came into existence in this India.

  • The Heads of Indhuism are not Brahmins.

  • The ruling language of Indhuism is Tamil.
  • Sanskrit is a dead language.
  • Renounced persons (or Monks) cannot be the leaders or Heads of Indhuism.
  • Persons who hate blood sacrificial offerings cannot be the Heads of Indhuism.

  • The verse used for daily prayer is known as "Kaayanthiri" in Tamil. This is also a Mantharam and this Mantharam can alone be used in prayers without any sacrificial offerings. The Tamil Kaayanthiri Mantharam can be used by anyone and everyone in this world.

  • Kaayanthiri Mantharam should be practised continuously for 18 years.
  • Women can also practise Kaayanthiri. A woman who practises Kaayanthiri can become the god or goddess to whom she prays.
  • Persons who have mystical ailments will attain success in the remedial measures if they practise Kaayanthiri Mantharam.
  • The religion given forth by Pathinensiddhars to the mankind is known as Indhuism. And this Indhuism is the mother of all the world religions.

  • Kaayanthiri Mantharam has the power to give self-improvement to individuals who practise it.

  • Any man who attempts can become God.
  • India is the country where Indhu Religion is nurtured and grown.
  • His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi is involved in the service of protecting the Indhu Religion.

Key points translated from Chapter 1 of the book titled as "Introduction to Kaayanthiri Mantharam' written by His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam, Gnaalaguru Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar.

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