One or Two or Three Language Policy?!

One Language Policy or Two Language Policy or Three Language Policy?!?!

In the today's world of education the educators and the rulers discuss about two language policy or three language policy for educating the children of their nation. To enhance the thinking of such intellectuals we would like to give some information from the writings of His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar, the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedaathipathi.

The following paragraphs are translated from the Letter written in Tamil to Thiru ABT Mahalingam on 3rd April 1985 by the disciple of His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar. The full letter-essay is not given here.

Para 5

..... ..... ...... Pathinensiddhars have given in writing 48 types of literature namely Vakkiyam, Vasagam, Paarampariyam, etc. These philosophical literature are aged about 43,73,085 years as of 1985. Every Tamil-speaking person should learn about these literature in order to realize the self, understand the past births, know about the future births, etc. These can be achieved by the Tamil-speaking people more easily than other linguistic races of this world. 48 types of Divine beings, 48 types of Divinators, 48 types of Siddhars, 13 types of persons achieving Siddhis .... are all taking birth only in Tamil Race heredity.

Para 6

Of all the races in this world, divinators who could give Divine Powers to others are taking birth among Tamils only. This happens only due to the Tamil Language. For the past 2000 years, the sanskrit language has been used only to destroy this Divine growth due to Tamil language. That is why, the Siddhars' Guru Paarampariyam says clearly that the annihilation of Sanskrit can alone save the Divine world and eradicating Sanskrit can alone bring out the ever-green growth of Divinity among the human beings in this entire world. All the names for the divine technology are in Tamil language. Yet the Tamils could not understand this fact because of the invasion of Sanskrit in their daily life. Sanskrit has damaged and destroyed thousands of Tamil words, their meanings and uses. That is why the Siddhars vehemently oppose the Sanskrit language and want to destroy it completely. The foreigners namely the brahmins use as their weapon the Sanskrit language and its literature mainly to bring a downfall to Tamil language and the Tamil race. The 10th Pathinensiddhar Peedam (100 BCE to 150 CE) and the 11th Pathinensiddhar Peedam (785CE to 1040 CE) mention clearly in their Guru paarampariyams that destroying all the brahmins, the sanskrit language and its literature is the main duty of followers of Siddhars. There are many Guruvaasagam, Guruvaakkiyam and Guruvaakku related to this. Note:- “Nobody has ever achieved siddhis or Muthi using Sankrit language. Using the Sanskrit language in the divine prayers is similar to leading a family life with female toys made up of soil.” This statement exists in Karuvaakku, Karuvaakkiyam, Karuvaasagam, Tharuvaakku, Tharuvaakkiyam, Tharuvaasagam, Thiruvaakku, Thiruvaakkiyam, Thiruvaasagam, Arulvaakku, Arulvaakkiyam, Arulvaasagam, Marulvaakku, Marulvaakkiyam, Marulvaasagam, .... etc. In today's world everyone can see clearly that all the temples that use sanskrit remain ineffective as far as solving the problems of devotees. Similarly the usage of sanskrit in daily prayers, festivals is not giving any benefit to the devotees. Yet many Tamil Scholars and Tamil religious heads remain followers of brahmins and their sanskrit language meaninglessly.

Para 7

You have mentioned that learning many languages is good for anybody. But the Gurupaarampariyams written by the 10th and the 11th Pathinen Siddhar Peedaathipathis contradict this policy. Their Gurupaarampariyams mention openly, “If a person learns one more language other than his own mother tongue, his mind and heart gains the feelings of slavery, treacherousness, anti-national, ... etc. Persons learning more than two languages become more like brokers who earn their livelihood immorally using the sex workers.....” We do not know how you would take these statements; we also could not sense how the intellectuals of present world would accept this. Yet we being the followers of the Pathinensiddhars maintain that a person having strong feelings towards his own mother tongue can alone work selflessly. Such a person alone can become divine being and he alone could work in the 48 types of temples of this world.

Para 8

The Indhuism of Pathinensiddhars mentions a lot about the freedom of languages, freedom of linguistical races, equality between the races of this world, equality between the different languages of this world, .... etc. That is why we maintain that every language of this world and every linguistical race of this world should remain free from the domination of others. That is why we say that a divine war would definitely take place in India and in other countries of this world according to the philosophy and theology of Pathinensiddhars. The Lord Murugan with His two wives has come forward to lead this Divine War. In Ramayana period, the divine birth of Rama was to wage a war for the sake his wife's status. In Bharatha Period, the divine birth of Kannan was to fight for the justice of his relations. In this Kaliyuga, His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar achieved more than 48 divine degrees in order to eradicate all the ills and evils in the Religious Field of this world. His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar wants to achieve His goals in a peaceful manner, just manner, divine manner and an amicable manner. That is why the Divine War has been getting postponed for the time being. But the approaches of brahmins' movements, sanskrit mania and the domination of slaves to brahmins have given rise to the thought that there would soon be a great destruction similar to the one that took place for Jews in Germany. Soon there would be a divine service to eradicate all lies, imaginations and dreams in the name of sanskrit. This divine service would soon destroy all the illusions, cheating, twists, ... created by the brahmins.

Para 10

We believe and accept that • ‘The liberation of the Tamils will come only through the liberation of Tamil Language from the clutches of sanskrit and other north indian languages'; • ‘The liberation of Tamil language alone will give liberation to the Indhu Religion itself’; • ‘Only if the Tamil language regains its status, the status of the Tamil race would be redeemed’; • ‘Only if Tamil Race regains its status, the Indhu Religion would regain its status’; • ‘Only if the Tamils gain their status, rights and pride; the Indhu Religion would gain its rights, pride, growth and usefulness.’ ....... ....... ....... .......

Source: Letter-essay written on 3rd April 1985 by His Holiness Siddharadiyaan Thiru Sevugan under the guidance of His Holiness Siddhar Arasayogi Karuwooraar to Thiru (ABT) Mahalingam, ‘Om Sakthi’ magazine office, Boes Garden, Chennai.

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