Ten Commandments of Induism

Ten Commandments of Induism

  1. All the World Divinators! Unite! Work in co-ordination with each other!
  2. All the World Religious Heads and Leaders! Unite! Work in co-ordination with each other!
  3. All the World Religious Persons! Unite! Work in co-ordination with each other!
  4. All the World Pious Persons! Theists! Read and Respect the Religious History and Religious Literature.
  5. All the World Priests! Study your respective Religious Gospels thoroughly to become a source of Divinity yourselves.
  6. All the World Theologians! Make the Temples and Places of Worships filled with Purity, Truth and Divinity.
  7. The Unity and Co-ordination amongst all the World Religious People can alone correct all the religious enemies, cheaters, betrayers and frivolous people.
  8. The formation of World Religious Unification can alone make the Religious Field lead, guide and support all the other Fields in this World.
  9. World Religious Renaissance can alone bring forth World Equality, Brotherhood and Collective Society.
  10. World Religious Awakening, Upheaval and Flourishing can alone put an end to all Dictatorships and Dominations; It will alone provide a proud and rightful Liberated Life to all human beings on this earth.

Indhu Renaissance Movement and All its Branch Organizations

Declared by His Holiness the 12th Pathinensiddhar Peedam and Madam.

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Editor of the Indhuism.org Publication.